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Single / Duplex Filter PISTON OPERATED TYPE: SPF Models

Continuous filtration, flow direction inside to out side, welded wedge wire filter element, filter surface cleaning by unique wiper rings which are pneumatically operated, automatic discharging of dirty slurry based on preset timer and or preset differential pressure, custom designed to suitable pressure / flow / micron rating.

For filtration of paints, pigments, ink, varnishes, sugar syrup and similar viscous slurries and free flowing liquids as well.


CIP (Clean - in - Place) Type Product Range Candle Filter   Turbo Edge Filter Automatic Self Cleaning Filter (SCF) Automatic Back Flushing Filter (SBF)  DSM Screen ('Coanda Effect' Static Screen)   Welded Wedge Wire Candle Filter  

Non-CIP (Clean - In - Place) Type Product Range  : Single, Multi Bag Filter   Single / Duplex Filter  Cartridge Filter
In-Line Basket Filter

Rotating Brush Type   |   Piston Operated Type    |   Auto Backflushing Type    |   Multiplex Type   |   Scraper Type

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